WHOPPING 112 YEARS AND COUNTING: The Secret To Longevity From World’s Oldest Man

Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez puts it down to eating a banana a day. The 112-year-old New Yorker has been just crowned the oldest man in the world after Jiroemon Kimura died last month at age 116.

Sanchez-Blazquez, nicknamed ‘Shorty’, said a daily intake of bananas and six Anacin tablets contributed to his longevity.

‘I’m an old man and let’s leave it at that,’ the self-taught musician, coal miner and gin rummy aficionado said in a statement to Guinness World Records.”

Sanchez-Blazquez, a great-great-grandfather, said he was humbled by the attention, but he didn’t feel he accomplished anything special just because he has lived longer than most.

But Robert Young, senior gerontology consultant with Guinness World Records, said 90 percent of all supercentenarians are female and Salustiano is currently the only male born in 1901 with proof of birth.

Guinness World Records used census reports, immigration papers, marriage records and news reports to confirm the record.

The oldest authenticated person was Jeanne Louise Calment of France, who died at the age of 122 years and 164 days.

Sanchez-Blazquez was born on June 8, 1901, in village of El Tejado de Bejar, Spain.

He was known for his talent on the dulzania, a double-reed wind instrument that he taught himself and played at weddings and village celebrations.

At 17, he moved with his older brother Pedro and a group of friends to Cuba, where they worked in the cane fields.

#take banana till you yoooh!


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