SHOCKING: Man Disguises As Woman To Get Money From Men

The FCT Police Command said it has arrested a 19-year old man for parading himself as a woman to deceive his fiancé and other men.

The man, popularly known as Aisha, hails from Edo state and was rescued by the officers of the FCT Police Command when a huge crowd was about to disfigure him at Arab area, Mpape.

A police source said the man has been dressing and behaving like a woman and soliciting for men, who would go out with her, the man also has a fiancé, who intended to marry her not knowing that she was a man.

Nemesis caught up with the impostor, when his fiancé suspected that the person he was dating was a man as he had never seen all her womanly body part. “She removes her cloth when the room is dark,” the fiancé was said to have added.

The source added that fracas struck when the fiancé in the company of his friends stormed Aisha’s house and demanded she removes her cloths. She started running; they pursued and tried stripping her naked before the intervention of the FCT policemen on patrol.

Police said that it was when they brought her to FCT police command that a female officer was asked to check her sexuality. It was in that process that she started crying and confessed that she was a man to the shock of everyone, adding that his friends are all prostitutes residing in Mpape.

When contacted, FCT police spokesperson, Deputy Superintendent Hyelhira Altine Daniel confirmed the story, saying that upon interrogation, the police found out that the suspect is a man but has been parading himself as a woman and answering Aisha in the area.

He never followed his customers to their houses, he preferred taking them to his own house and then tell them what to do, he has always had anal affairs with some of his customers, who he had never allowed to touch his chest, the police officer added. She said investigation into the case is still ongoing.



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