Royal Baby Name: See The Name Kate and William Gave Him.

The royal baby name is here: George Alexander Louis.

That makes the new baby’s name, including his title, HRH Prince George of Cambridge.

“George was the expected choice, George was the obvious choice,” a Nameberry expert, Pamela Redmond Satran, tells. She further explans, “There have been many more king Georges in recent centuries than any other name, so I think they went for tradition on that one – but broke with tradition in terms of giving him three names instead of four. And I think Alexander and Louis in the middle place, versus honouring [George’s] father, grandfather, or great-grandfather, is a departure.”

Speculation over the royal couple’s choice of name has run wild in the time since the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy was announced, with Brits betting on front-runners with and without strong historical precedents. According to Nameberry, favourites earlier this summer included George, Philip and Arthur for boys, and Alexandra, Charlotte and Elizabeth for girls. (There were some more outrageous options, too, like Chesterfield and Chardonnay.)

On Wednesday, George was in the lead at betting agency Ladbrokes, followed by James, Alexander, Arthur, Louis, Henry and Philip. Jokesters placing bets on “Psy” and “North” faced equal odds of 5,000 to 1.

Irish betting agency Paddy Power had a similar line-up, with George, James, Alexander, Louis, Arthur, Philip and Henry in the lead. Unlikely choices including Rumpelstiltskin, Joffrey, Charming and Kong brought up the rear with odds of 500 to 1.

A spokeswoman for Ladbrokes told Sky News before the baby was born that its birth marked “the biggest and most exciting novelty betting event in history.” According to the AP, tens of thousands of bets were placed with Ladbrokes following the news that the Duchess had gone into labour.


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