See The Car That Repairs Itself.

The Audi A9 Concept Car Repairs Itself, Changes Body Color!
This is Audi A9 concept from the reputed Spanishdesigner Daniel Garcia who has Ducati 6098 R concept and many other to his credit.
Daniel’s A9 concept is a low emission hybrid vehicle for the future. A9 concept features a single-piece windscreen and its roof is formed from nanotechnology material that has a unique automatic-syste m that repairs damage and can also be adjusted for colors and opacity.
Also, the vehicle flaunts the unique ‘electronicpainting’ system that allows the owner to change the color with the touch of a button. The concept is proposed to be powered by an advanced hybrid setup which uses an internal combustion engine working in conjunction with four in-wheel electric motors.

Onyibo go person ooh!


One thought on “See The Car That Repairs Itself.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I rili need 2 buy dis,plzz whr can I order 4 it?

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