Why Do Women Sleep Around?

Not so long ago men had the monopoly on having more than one partner but it seems the female folks are catching up.

Now we take a look at the reasons why women in our generation want to experience more.

1- No Time for a relationship

If you’ve ever been in a relationship you will know it takes time energy and sacrifice to make it work from both parties but working class women these day don’t always have the time and energy to make this happen especially after every 40 hour working week the last thing that they need is to keep an eye over her boyfriend making sure he is happy and content when she can just get the easy and cheap thrill of one night stand with no responsibilities and sexual release.

2- Fear of commitment

Due to the past relationship where she has opened herself up to her ex but ended up in bitter and sad breakup, Some women these days are scared of going through the pain and tribulation again so they numb there emotions and just get on with life.

Through sleeping around they think that it is a good way to avoid developing feeling for another person which would possibly make the hurt again.

3- Just For Fun

Some women just adore the act of sex, they love it more than guys do. For these women sex is only for fun and to get a release.

They want it as often as possible and if the opportunity presents itself they often respond positively with a phrase like – ”you only live once” Y.O.L.O.

4- To Get Back At Him

When some women feel played, used and dumped they will sometimes feel to revenge the guy but not only the guy in questions some will take it as a task to make sure that all male must pay for her heartache.

Instead of understanding they where with a bad man they scream out the victim song and bind all men together as one, by sleeping around they are hoping to hurt other men like they have been hurt not realizing that in the long run they are only hurting themselves and making a quite healthy number of men happy.

5- To Forget Their Ex

Some women also do use meaningless sex as a method to forget their exes. They sleep with a lot of men in order to get over the emotional pain of letting a very loved one go and to fill the big void it left in there heart. But these kind will usually stop sleeping around when they are ready for a new boyfriend.



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