4 Mind Games Women Play On Men

Ever been frustrated regarding the way women treat you? Are you sometimes baffled at the way a woman might seem interested in you today and uninterested tomorrow? Well, this article should help you out.

Women are sometimes known to be game-players in a relationship, and sometimes, knowing the kind of games they play, and why, should let you know how to respond and perhaps beat them at their own games.

The waiting game
There’s no woman on this planet who hasn’t mastered the art of getting late for a date or making her man wait endlessly. Women derive fun from this. It not only makes her feel important but also dominant in the relationship!

The bait game
The bait game is common amongst most women in their 20s or 30s. The forever question of asking your boyfriend/husband whether you look fat in a particular dress is something most of us constantly do on a day-to-day basis. If he says yes, you immediately seek recluse. But if he says a no, then you end up feeling that he just doesn’t care.

The ‘hard to get’ game
This is one game each and every woman plays in the beginning of her relationship, irrespective of the age. A woman does this to simply either put off the guy, make herself feel important or test his worth.

The ‘dumb game’
Most women know that they are better at maths than her crush but still prefer to play dumb! For example, even if she knows how to connect the wire to the TV, she would love to play dumb and ask the guy to do it for her.

What other games do you think women play in a relationship?


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