How to Choose the Right Man to Marry

Choosing the right man to marry can be challenging currently, when people seem to marry just for the sake of being married, so they are not alone. However, this is one time not to follow the herd, because there are simply too many people rushing into marriage without thinking of the consequences. Marriage is supposed to be forever, but how can it be forever when people get married for the presents, pregnancy, and the fear of being alone? If you get married for one of those reasons, you will surely find yourself headed for divorce court eventually. The trick, of course, is to choose the right man the first time.

Things You’ll Need:


Finding the perfect man is never an easy task and never goes according to any plan that one may develop in her head. The first step to finding the perfect man for you is figuring out exactly what you want and begin to acquire those qualities.

Becoming what you wish to attract is always the best course of action in attracting the right man to choose for marriage. If you want a trustworthy man, you must become a trustworthy woman; if you want a caring man, then you need to become a caring woman. This simple technique will help you attract the right type of man to you, and then choosing the right man is easy.

Rushing into a relationship never works. Take your time and develop a strong friendship first before heading to the next level. Building a strong friendship allows the two of you to gain the trust and open communication, which is vital to a healthy relationship.

Relaxing and taking the time to get to know a man inside and out is a great way to determine if he is the right one to choose for marriage. Do not try to hurry love, as the song says; go leisurely, always take your time, and if the relationship does not seem right on the mark, back off.

Settling for a mediocre relationship is never good, so do not settle for it. Speak up if there is something huge that irks you. You deserve a man who will make you feel great, emotionally, sexually and in all the ways, which are important in a relationship. Men who begin belittling you or controlling in the early stages of the relationship will only do it more as time passes.

Tips & Warnings

Become what you wish to attract, be honest, on time and kind.


One thought on “How to Choose the Right Man to Marry

  1. kudirat says:

    there is no perfect person anywhere we just pray to meet the right person dat will match our individual personality and compliment our attitudes. two people dat want to come together as one must be able to live to compliment each others attitudes cos they grew up from two different backgrounds. that is what we all need, and not perfection. cos’ no one is perfect”.

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