Facebook Murder Trial: International Passports And Sex Toy Recovered From Cynthia Osokogwu, Says Police Witness

In the continued trial of several men facing trial for last year’s murder of their social media friend, Cynthia Osokogwu, a police witness has disclosed discoveries from their intervention at the scene in Cosmilla Hotel and subsequent interrogations of the suspects.
The witness, Joseph Edo, a police investigative officer attached to Area ‘E’ Command at Festac Town, said one of the suspects, Okwumo Nwabufor, threw a hostile reaction at his co-suspect, Olisaeloka Ezike, prodding him to confess that he had chained and strangled Ms. Osokogwu to death.
According to the officer, Okwumo asked Ezike during their interrogation at the Police Station why he would not confess rather than cause more serious complications for the rest of them in the trial.
It will be recalled that the Lagos State Chief Pathologist, Prof. John Obafunwa, had testified in court that their autopsy result indicated that the deceased was asphyxiated.  Specifically, he said that a head-net was recovered as part of the materials that were stuffed into the victim’s mouth and bonded with red tape to prevent air from flowing into her lungs.
Mr. Edo quoted Okwumo also as revealing that Ezike positioned Cynthia’s international passport on her chest after killing her and took a photograph of her with his Blackberry device. Ezike was said to have transferred the picture from his Blackberry to his laptop subsequently.
Okwumo also stated in his confession to the police that Rophynol, a sleep-inducing drug, was also ground into powdered substance and mixed with Ribena soda and fed to the deceased.  The operator of the drug store from whom the Rophynol was purchased, Mr. Osita Orji, is also standing trial for negligence.
Mr. Edo revealed that certain personal effects were recovered both on the scene of the incidence and at the house of the alleged killer, Ezike.  Some of the items include two international passports belonging to Cynthia, her driver’s license, a sex toy, jewelry, her shoes and handbags.
Justice Akinlade adjourned continuation of trial to July 5.


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