ImageTemilolu Omoobajesu is from Ondo state, and she is a 400 level Social works student of Uniben. She is a make-up artist and a model.

 Enjoy the pics and leave ur comments.


16 thoughts on “PHOTOS OF THE DAY

  1. flexzy says:

    Lovely style pretty keep it up

  2. shola says:

    So Sweet I think she’s an angel frm heavn when I saw her. happy to see dis girl joor o

  3. omairoxxy says:

    Nice one. Hun,kip on shining,God will maake u Bigger oh!!!!

  4. ufuoma says:

    She’s my model,and am proud of her…she’s beyond beauty…Ethereal is the word for the Creation…

  5. saint raymond says:

    Dats my course mate….so luvin her…..rep social work jooooor

  6. Pearl Robert says:

    I am in love with your pics babe. Gosh am your no1 fan i hope u knw that

  7. Bryt says:

    Beautiful! You just the best….

  8. bleco blaze says:

    Nice 1 babe, dats d spirit, U̶̲̥̅̊ cute

  9. JOHNNY says:

    Its just a picture of a girl on a bike , nothing else

  10. Dee's Cr8tn's says:

    Now i know Beauty Speaks……*Lips sealed dear*

  11. chuky Blast says:

    An epitomy of Beauty,a true african style…..perfect all d way……..Keep it up

  12. Roberto says:

    Definition of beauty!!!!

  13. Love Ojomo says:

    Woooooo when i first saw her i was like this girl is so beautiful but didn’τ̅ ‎​​​ speak with her, but the day i spoke with her that was when i know she is not just beautiful but she has the heart of an angel and she is sweet, word can not adiquatly describe her beauty.

    • Bantu says:

      Dey say true beauty is of d heart, temi(aka pinkie) is twice as beautiful on d inside. Dose who are opportuned to know her one on one know wat I’m talkin abt*winks* See u at d top babes, keep shinin. Gat ya back always

  14. Tara says:

    That’s my girl, go make me proud, so proud of u. Glad you passed through me. I love ў☺ΰ dear. Nice concepts & pix

  15. Patricia Aloye says:

    Am not surprised cos it in our blood,u’re one of the outstanding.Crazy cousin n beautiful as everGod bless u.

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