Nigerians Top Interpol Wanted List


The list comprises 10 nationals of countries such as India, Syria, Niger Republic and Benin Republic.


The names of all the suspects were posted on the website of the INTERPOL, while the agency said all the suspects were wanted for prosecution in Nigeria on offences including terrorism, kidnapping, forgery, robbery, car theft, conspiracy and forgery, advanced fee fraud/internet fraud and criminal breach of trust.


The only lady among the suspects, Jennifer, said to hail from Delta State, was declared wanted for prosecution in Nigeria over alleged kidnapping and abduction.


Among the other Nigerians on the list was one Okeke Paul Ejike, 38, who reportedly had a case to answer for stealing, issuing dud cheques and escaping from lawful custody.


One Martins Olusegun Abayomi, 34, was wanted over charges of conspiracy, forgery and stealing, while one Itumo Anthony Chidiebere was accused of fraud, theft, terrorism, among other offences.


Similarly, one Njoku Reginus Nzeadi, 38, from Mbaino, in Imo State, was declared wanted over allegations of threats to life, abduction and grave hurt, while another suspect, Adebowale Abiodun was named for alleged fraud, forgery and stealing.


The list also included Francis Henry Ifeanyi (39), from Delta State – stealing; Okoh Leonard Iduwe (38) – criminal breach of trust and theft and Okeke Paul Ejike (38), from Delta State – stealing, issuing dud cheques, and escaping from lawful custody.


Among the foreign nationals was one Karman Fawaz Fawaz, 46, from Areppo in troubled Syria, who was accused of internet fraud and obtaining money under deception.


Similarly, one Roy Subrata, 36, said to be an Indian, was declared wanted for offences relating to internet fraud, hacking and criminal breach of trust, one Bitra Hemanadh (37), another Indian, faced charge of misappropriation of company funds and Dokku Sabba Rao (30), another Indian, was declared wanted for the twin offence of forgery and stealing..


One 57-year-old Yanni Mohammed Abdullahi, said to be a Beninoise, was on the list for alleged conspiracy and stealing, while Ampofo Charles (60), said to be a Ghanaian, was accused of criminal conspiracy, cheating, theft and criminal breach of trust.


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