Juju Man Says, My Customers Use Human Parts And Blood Stains Of Accident Victims For Evil Acts


On Thursday a ghastly Motor Accident occurred along Owerri Port Harcourt express road after the Army Barracks in Obinze just a few meters after the entrance of Arab Contractors Nig Ltd, involving a Petrol Tanker and a bus carrying full load of passengers.

Three passengers died on the spot including the driver, two died later at the hospital. As if that was not enough on Friday a Sienna coming from Owerri and heading to Imo state Polytechnic Ohaji somersaulted severally on the same spot. The car was seriously damaged. but thankfully the three occupants came out alive with praises to God.

Yesterday, a man was caught on that same spot with charms doing what was best known to him in a language most people didn’t understand. He was promptly surrounded by the youths of Ohaji and the man was taken to the Eze who handed him over to the police.

Before this, the man who could only converse in hausa language mentioned that he had links in the community and named a man well known to the youths.

The youths swung into action and went in search of the man and found him hiding in the ceiling of his house.

They beat him up while he claimed not to know why he was being wanted, but when he had a little chance, he escaped into a nearby bush.

The hausa speaking juju man also mentioned that he had customers that visited him at night dressed in suits carrying a briefcase. Thereby showing that he had people who patronize him at the expense of the lives of innocents ones.


They use the parts and blood stains of the accident victims for their evil acts.


One thought on “Juju Man Says, My Customers Use Human Parts And Blood Stains Of Accident Victims For Evil Acts

  1. kudirat says:

    Na wa oooo, wicked generation….

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