Ways to spice up ur sexlife in the bedroom. For married couples only. Lolz.


Couples who have experienced their ‘fetish’ for such fantasies swear by its pleasure. Whether you want to be the wild cat and use the belt to control your partner or use sex toys to spunk up your game of love, kinky sex is a great way to add spice to your sex life.


Each one of us has a deep desire to be ruled or to rule. Kinky sex gives you the opportunity to turn those dreams into reality.


Tie me down

Imagine lying down on your bed waiting for your partner. Suddenly your hands are handcuffed and you get blindfolded. You have no idea what’s happening when your partner whispers in your ear, ‘Honey, submit yourself.’ He caresses you and takes you on a journey where all your desires seem to be fulfilled. Imagine! You are bound to reach the ultimate point of satisfaction.


Role play

When you are bored with your routine sex life and love making becomes ‘just another task, try making it fun (instead of faking that headache). Role-playing is a must-try for those who wish to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Think of some interesting scenarios and don some exciting costumes and let your imagination guide you. Dress up like a maid, or a teenager, or try more mature roles like MILF or a teacher seducing a student. Guys could enact the role of a cow boy, or a cabana boy.


Deliciously unexpected

Kinky sex is all about ‘revealing’ your wild side. If you are mild and sober in your real life, be the king of the fantasy world. Dominate the bedroom moves. Spank your partner or do smut talking – the shock your partner will get to see this side of you will get things in the right gear.


Sex toys

While many use them to satisfy themselves when their partner is away, you can try them when your partner is with you. The reason? Multiple orgasms. Dildos, vibrators, are some toys you could try to kick-start a heated sexual frenzy.


Dance, baby, dance

A seductive dance is all it takes to woo your partner. Guys could try the American Pie dance (at your own risk) and girls could do the sexy pole dance. Play her favourite song in the background and do a close dance. Slowly touch her and feel her and you are all set for a hot and sexy night.


Spank her tight

Spank her, bite him, hit him, pull her hair, do what you like to make it a passionate sexual encounter.


These are just a few ways to make your sex life pleasurable. Bring out the sexy, naughty, bitchy you for a more fanatical sex.



One thought on “Ways to spice up ur sexlife in the bedroom. For married couples only. Lolz.

  1. lysteekal says:

    Wow…I’m sure gonna try out some new stuff here..yeeeeeeeeeeeh!!! *hugegrin*

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