The Grandfather Who Sells Human Head For N1000 Arrested (Photo)


The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a grandfather, Mr. Segun Kayode, for allegedly exhuming and selling human parts.

According to the police, the suspect, who works at a cemetery in Epe area of the state, was arrested with a human skull.


Police sources said the suspect sold human parts for a living, adding that he had become notorious in the area for selling human parts.


It was learnt that the suspect was arrested following a report by a resident who saw him displaying a skull for sale.


The grandfather, who could not give his exact age, said he started selling human parts because he was poor and jobless.


He said, “I live at 2,Tungbehin Street, Epe. I have two children and I am a grandfather. I have always been poor all my life because I had no formal or informal education. I used to be a fisherman but when there were no longer fishes in rivers in my area, I became a gardener at Epe Local Government Secretariat


“About four years ago, the LG said they no longer needed my services so I started trimming grass at a cemetery in the area.”


The suspect, who did not deny the allegations, said there was nothing wrong in selling dead people’s parts since the dead never used them.


He said one day, while he was clearing weeds in the cemetery, he noticed a human skull which had been dug up.


He said, “Most times, when a corpse is not buried with a coffin, the possibility of the corpse resurfacing is very high. So, what workers at the cemetery do is to gather some of the corpses and burn them instead of burying them again.


“I realised that this was not a smart thing to do since it would be better to make money from it. The families of these dead people never care about them once they are buried and weeds had taken over the cemetery.”


The suspect said he sold only two corpses while he had on numerous occasions given them out for free.


He said, “I have sold only two human heads. I sold the first one for N1,000 while I sold the second one for N1,500. Last week, a resident approached me saying an herbalist needed the head so I got a decomposed head, for him, washed it and put it on a fence to dry.


“A resident saw me and raised the alarm and that was how I was arrested.”


PUNCH Metro had reported last week that five people, including an herbalist, were arrested for selling human parts.


A police source told one of our correspondents that the trend was common in areas where public cemeteries were situated.


“Areas which are not located in the metropolis and have cemeteries have become the hideout for cartels which specialise in sale of human parts. We (police) have reason to believe that some of these human parts dealers also engage in ritual killing,” he said.


The source added that efforts were going on to arrest other human parts sellers in the area.


When contacted on the telephone, the spokesperson for the state police command, Ngozi Braide, confirmed Kayode’s arrest. She said he had been transferred to State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba.


Deaf, Dumb Bus Driver Arrested


A deaf and dumb commuter bus driver has been arrested at Apongbon area of Lagos, Southwest Nigeria for driving on BRT lane.

Officials of the Lagos State Taskforce on Environmental and Special Offences (Enforcement) Unit arrested the 33-year old driver, Sunday Ogunola on Monday with passengers in his bus who were unaware that he was deaf and dumb.


The driver is also married to a deaf and dumb woman and has two kids and is also pregnant.


At the time of his arrest, Ogunola was driving a Volkswagen faragon bus painted in the state’s colour, with registration XW 724 EKY. The culprit has been driving since 1999 and has no valid driver’s licence.


On questioning, he said he normally plies the Ajah-Lekki-CMS-Eko Hotel route and that he had once been arrested on BRT lane in the past and was let off the hook after he pleaded.


Taskforce Chairman, Bayo Sulaiman said he was shocked that the driver could not hear or speak when asked questions, saying that he constituted serious danger to life and safety of passengers.


He lamented that despite his predicament, he drove on the BRT lane, which was why he was arrested initially, adding that he has been driving for a long time.” “When we asked him questions, he could reply us.


He cannot even hear or speak but he can write. We don’t expect him to be driving other people.


He cannot even come up with a valid driver’s licence.


“He is liable for his action. He was arrested with passengers in his bus on BRT lane.


We are going to look for the owner of the vehicle and charge him to court. We are holding him back here so that we can get the owner of the bus,” Sulaiman said.

Iraqi Farmer Claims He Eats Live Scorpions Every Day, Addicted to Them


If you can’t beat them, eat ’em!

A 34-year-old Iraqi farmer claims he consumes at least one live scorpion every day.

Ismail Jasim Mohammed, who lives in Samarra, said he became tired of getting stung by the dangerous creatures. He decided to turn the tables and do the biting.

And after eating scorpions for 15 years, Mohammed tells that he is now addicted. He says he gets withdrawal symptoms if he goes three days without consuming one.

Mohammed says he has been stung so many times in the mouth that he has developed an immunity to the scorpions’ venom.

PHOTOS: Tragedy Averted As Lagos Strip Club Collapses


Tragedy was yet averted yesterday, Sunday May 26, 2013 when the building of a Lagos strip club, Ocean Blue collapsed.


The club, located on 14, Opebi Street lost half of its two-storey-ed structure when it collapsed. Eye witnesses say the incident which happened at around 1:20pm startled the neighbours.


An eye witness who talked to our reporter said, “I was just on my way out when I suddenly noticed the building crumbling from the top. I really hope no one was injured or has died”.


Another witness, Nasiru Ahmed, who runs a provision kiosk confirmed to NET that no one was injured.”They are lucky that it happened in the afternoon, because if it was in the night when customers would have been around, it would have been very disastrous”, Ahmed said.

The reason for the collapse of the building is still not clear as the club security refused our reporter or anyone entry into the premises under the orders of the management.


From the looks of things the management of the club seem to want to conceal the misfortune as the strip club which is located in the carefully concealed premises was allegedly being run illegally.


A call through to the Ikeja Police Station, proved that the police is unaware of the incident.